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Throne + HiHat Stand + Kick Pedal

Throne + HiHat Stand + Kick Pedal

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Product Description

Pearl Throne D790
The D-790 throne features a round vinyl covered cushion and double braced tripod with a slip-proof height collar.

Pearl HiHat Stand H830,
Featuring a Demon-inspired extended footboard, the Pearl H-830 Hi-Hat Stands is an exceptionally sturdy, lightweight mounting solution for the student or advancing player.

Pearl Kick Pedal P830,
Pearl's P-830 single chain-drive Bass Drum Pedal features a long, Demon-style foot board for increased leverage and speed.

Its fully adjustable beater angle, Perfect Circle single-chain cam, and DuoBeat two-surface beater deliver player-preferred, customizable feel; and its radius rod frame offers quick breakdown and transport for the player on the move.

An excellent pedal for the Student or Advanced Beginning drummer.


Throne D790
Round Vinyl Cushion

Hihat Stand H830
Direct Pull Drive System
Clutch HCL-90
Double Braced Tripod with Swivel Function
Demon-Style Longboard

Kick Pedal P830
Drive: Single Chain
Drive Cam: Perfect Circle
Foot Board: Demon Style Longboard
Beater: DuoBeat Two-Surface
Beater Angle: Infinite Angling
Spring Roller: Nylon

Shipping & Returns

3-5 days to ship


Throne D790
430 - 650mm (17.75" - 25.5")

HiHat Stand H830
Minimum: 24", Maximum: 35.8"

Care Instructions

On mesh heads we highly recommend from drummers to use the plastic beater INSTEAD of the felt beater.

The felt beater wears of the mesh very quickly do to high temperatures.

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