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Snare 13"

Snare 13"

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Product Description

The aD-S13 is the dedicated aDrums snare with Cross Stick.

It is easy to play to the side stick using the beautifully finished maple side rim attachment.

Using frequency-specific detection technology, the strike feel of the wood and the triggered side stick sound are perfectly matched.

Now rim shot and side stick sounds can be played separately without having to turn on a special feature in the module.

Designed and built to the highest specifications, aDrums artist electronic drums and cymbals are compatible with the modules of other manufacturers.

The aDrums artist single item selection enables you to expand and custom design your kit.


- Material
Birch Wood 6-Ply

- Finish

- Color
Solid Black

Shipping & Returns


13" x 5.5"

Care Instructions

Head/Rim/Side Rim

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