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Note: Hi-Hat Stand, Kick-Drum Pedal and Throne are not included.

The EXS-3CY is a compact model that features all the essential drums and cymbals that you need to play expressively in any situation.

This space-saving set is ideal for those players who need a high-quality second kit at home for practice and recording.

With the xD3 sound module included, you'll have access to a great variety of richly detailed, realistic instrument sounds that will bring you countless hours of playing pleasure.

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- Sound Module: xD3 Silver
- Kick Drum 10'' inch
- Snare Drum 10'' inch
- 2x Tom 10'' inch
- Floor Tom 10'' inch
- Hi-Hat 12'' inch
- 2x Crash Cymbals 12'' inch
- Ride Cymbal 14'' inch

Setup size: approximately 150 x 90 cm

Care Instructions

- Drum key included
- Kick drum pedal, Hi-Hat stand and drum throne not included

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Artist Cymbals

We put our everything into these cymbals. Thanks to their perfect weighting, ultra-satisfying striking feel and 360º playing zone with choke and three zones, not only do they sound exceptional, but they also respond just like the real thing.

Ranging in size from 10 to 18 inches, they can give you endless hours of playing joy.

Our unbeatable samples and cymbal’s natural feel will transform any kit into your dream kit.


EXS series pads capture the full dynamic and expressive range of your performance, from ghost notes to powerful rim shots.

This consistency is possible because the pad's multi-sensor design completely eliminates the problem of hotspots.

  • xD3 Sound Module

    The xD3 sound module offers high-definition realistic drum sounds and essential practice tools in a simple package.

    On the ATV Sound Store, the EXS Kit Creation Tool can be used to create custom kits from a great instrument selection of classic drums and cymbals.

  • EXS Kit Creation

    The xD3 module is pre-loaded with some great-sounding kits.

    Register on the ATV Sound Store to download more free kits and access the EXS Kit Creation Tool.

    The EXS Kit Creation Tool has 73 high-resolution instruments you can use to create your own custom kit. These sound sources represent the very best of modern and vintage instruments that ATV records in the best studios using boutique custom equipment.

  • Recording Feature

    The xD3 supports broader musical development by including song functions that allow you to practice and perform over high-quality backing tracks covering popular genres such as rock, pop, funk, and jazz.

    When playing a song you can also use the marker and loop functions to enable you to repeatedly practice any section of the song you set; a great tool when you want to work on weaker parts of your performance.

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