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Pearl partnered with ButtKicker® to develop the Throne Thumper - the ultimate low-end feel machine that attaches directly under any throne. Powered by an included 200-watt amp, this drum throne shaker will make your throne vibrate in perfect sync with all the low-end thunder your kit puts out as you play! Coupled with in ear monitors or headphones, you'll hear every sonic nuance of your kit produces. Compatible with any electronic drumset and attachable to any throne.

The Throne Thumper is equally useful at home vibing your kit's low frequencies to you as you practice, or letting you feel the bass player groove in a live show environment where hearing the other musicians is tough. Music grooves harder when the drummer can feel his drums and really feel his band. That is why vibrating drum throne is such a great solution.

"Whether gigging or practicing, this monitoring aid not only boosts your bottom-end but your confidence too - taking it away again is simply unnerving!" - Music Radar

"The Throne Thumper is going to add definition if you are struggling to hear your kicks" - Sick Drummer Magazine


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Weight: 2,5 kg / 5.5 lbs

Weight: 1,6 kg / 3.5 lbs
Size: 17 x 30 x 8 cm / 6.69” x 11.81” x 3.15”
Single 1/4 Phone Plug Input

Care Instructions

Low-end response that you can feel.

200watt bash power amplifier

Works with all Electronic Drums and mixed acoustic

Features fast clamp attachment system

Fits all major drum thrones

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