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Note: Hi-Hat Stand, Kick-Drum Pedal and Throne are not included.

EXS-5SK artist is the premium model in ATV’s EXS series lineup.

This professional set of electronic drums incorporates the aDrums artist kick and snare - cutting-edge instruments that are designed to simulate the real experience of acoustic drums.

Combining incredible stability with an exceptional triggering response, EXS-5SK artist delivers a comfortable and realistic playing experience of acoustic drums. Select any kit from the xD3 sound module and enjoy playing high-resolution drum sounds with expressive freedom across the full dynamic range.

EXS-5SK artist will inspire drummers to reach the next level in their playing.

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- Sound Module: xD3 Silver
- Kick Drum 18'' inch (aD-K18)
- Snare Drum 13'' inch (aD-S13)
- Snare Stand (ADA-SS)
- Tom 2x10'' inch
- Floor Tom 13'' inch
- Hi-Hat 14'' inch
- Crash Cymbal 2x14'' inch
- Ride Cymbal 16'' inch

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High-end resolution sounds

The EXS series module expresses ATV's high-resolution sound, reproducing the authentic tonal qualities and dynamics of acoustic drums and cymbals

Additional module functionality supports cross-stick triggering using the aD-S13 side rim.

Acoustic Drums Playability

The 18" kick, 13" snare, 14" hi-hat, and 16" ride cymbal are the same size as acoustic instruments.

When performing, the solid kick drum and stable snare drum on a stand give the drummer a strong feeling of comfort and control.

  • Birch Wood Heart

    With a luxurious black lacquer covering the birch wood shell of the kick and the snare, these instruments reflect the quality and beauty of acoustic drums.

    The strike feel of the wood and the cross-stick sound are perfectly matched.

  • EXS Kit Creation

    The xD3 module is pre-loaded with some great-sounding kits.

    Register on the ATV Sound Store to download more free kits and access the EXS Kit Creation Tool.

    The EXS Kit Creation Tool has 73 high-resolution instruments you can use to create your own custom kit. These sound sources represent the very best of modern and vintage instruments that ATV records in the best studios using boutique custom equipment.

  • Recording Feature

    It is important for any drummer to be able to listen back objectively to their own performance. To support this need, the xD3 includes a recording function that allows you to record your performance over a backing track and the metronome.

    Recording can be set up to automatically and simultaneously start with the first stroke of your performance; a useful feature that ensures you can concentrate on performing without having to execute tricky button operations.

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