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aD5 Sound Module

aD5 Sound Module

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Product Description

The aD5 accurately translates the dynamics and groove of the drummer into a realistic sound and natural-feeling response. From the soft tones of pianissimo to the intense emotional highs of fortissimo - the aD5 meticulously reproduces the tone and dynamics of acoustic drums and cymbals. This is the true sound you hear from behind the kit.

The aD5 features cutting-edge sensing technology, fast response, and pure audio-class output quality to meet the exacting standards required for studio productions and live performance. Performing with the aD5, the player can experience new levels of creative freedom stimulated by sound — the broad dynamics of a kick drum, the subtleties of a snare, and the natural resonance of a cymbal - all the sonic details are there to inspire you.

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Real Sounds

The aD5 is a fast and dynamic high-resolution sound module that supports pads from all major manufacturers and features individual MIDI functionality that makes it easy to bounce the stereo audio of each instrument.

It comes pre-loaded with several acoustic modern and vintage drum sounds. We meticulously sampled every detail of the source instrument, from its resonance, to spatial presence ensuring every time you play, it sounds better and more natural than ever.

Sound Store

Here you can find the most exclusive and eloquent sounds to add to your aD5.

Our aim is to sample the best acoustic kits out there so we can enhance your playing experience.
Visit the store and start playing!

  • Trigger Technology

    With a library of uncompressed sounds as unique and rich as ATV’s, it would be a crime not to have the best triggering technology available in the market.

    So, we installed three highly sensitive triggers along the edge of each mesh giving you the best comfort and accuracy while playing.

    Now, our tech is better than ever - it’s time to experience those sweet, sweet sounds we've sampled.

  • Recording Features

    The aD5 was designed with studio performers and producers in mind.

    Using the aD5's individual MIDI function, you can multitrack-record each instrument as MIDI data on separate channels in your DAW.

    Instead of recording audio tracks from the start, recording the performance as MIDI first gives you the option to subsequently switch instrument sounds, or correct the timing and velocity of MIDI data across different tracks.

  • Elegant Usability

    The elegant simplicity and usability of the aD5's design is the product of many years of drum module development experience.

    ATV recognizes that drummers prefer to focus on playing and not programming.

    Unique in its class, the aD5 is designed to support the pads and triggers of other leading manufacturers - a sustainable feature that offers drummer's choice and flexibility.

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